iwatchIt was not too long ago when we brought you word that the iWatch trademark was sought by Apple in Japan, and it seems that Japan is not going to be the only place where Apple wants to have the iWatch trademark under their control, as more iWatch trademark filings have been spotted, although this time around they are in different countries, namely Taiwan and Mexico. This is certainly a move that leans more and more towards the very real possibility of Cupertino working on a smart watch launch – and soon, too.

It so happened that Apple filed for the iWatch trademarks in Mexico and Taiwan on June 3, which is also the very same day that they filed for the rights to the iWatch name all the way in the Land of the Rising Sun. As for the filing in Mexico, one of them was made for product categories such as “computers”, “peripheral devices”, and “personal digital assistants.” As for the other filing, it intended the iWatch trademark to settle under clock-related products. The Mexican Institute of Industrial Property claimed that in order to successfully register for a trademark in Mexico, the entire process should not take longer than half a year.

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