twitter-outage-backIf you’re a frequent user of Twitter’s services, be prepared to start receiving advertisements in which they will be catered based on what you have been doing on the web. In a blog post by Twitter, the social network company has announced that they will soon start delivering advertisements and sponsored tweets within the US that are based on what their users are doing on the web. So for example if you have been shopping around for a new camera the past few days and have been doing a lot of research on potential models, these targeted ads will most likely display information related to cameras and where you might be able to purchase one for yourself.

This sort of targeted advertising is definitely not new, especially since social networks such as Facebook have been relying on it for a while now. Twitter is hoping that these targeted ads will be more useful than their standard sponsored tweets which are more or less based on the type of people you follow on Twitter. However the good thing about Twitter is their support of Do Not Track, basically a browser option that tells websites not to gather information on you, meaning that if you don’t like the idea of targeted ads appearing on your Twitter feed, you can opt out of it. Twitter is calling these new targeted ads an “experiment” and will be gauging how well they perform and how their users react.

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