iphone-5-review--09A couple of weeks ago Apple announced its USB charger replacement program for the US and China in response to the wave of iPhone electrocutions that were the result of using unofficial chargers. The program was then expanded to 6 additional countries, but fret not because if you were living in a country that was not yet supported at that time, it could be supported now as Apple has officially expanded the program to 30 countries. The USB charger replacement program will work the same way in each country, although the discount you receive for your official charger will depend on the country you’re in due to the difference in currency.

For those hearing about this for the first time, Apple has launched this program to encourage people using unofficial chargers to come into an Apple store and replace it with an official charger. Given that one of the reasons why people turn to unofficial chargers is because it is cheaper, Apple has tried to make the switch a bit more enticing by offering up a $10 discount (for the US) on an original charger if they were to bring in their old charger. If you’re a bit uncertain about your charger and would like to take it in to be replaced, you can hit up Apple’s website to find out more.

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