iphone-5-review--09Earlier this week we reported that a young woman in China had apparently died whilst talking on her iPhone while the device was charging. A follow up to the report had suggested that the reason behind that is because she might have been using an unauthorized charger, which we guess is why Apple warns users when they connect unauthorized devices to the iPhone. The report also suggested that it was not the iPhone 5, but rather the iPhone 4, and now it looks like another case has happened again, this time also in China.

According to this report, a 30-year old man from Beijing was reportedly electrocuted while plugging his iPhone 4 into the charger. The Beijing Evening News reported that the man’s sister heard him scream that he was being electrocuted, and she too apparently felt an electric current run through her body as she rushed to unplug it. Thankfully the man did not die, although he is now in a coma but is breathing unassisted and undergoing hyperbaric oxygen treatment to help his brain recover.

While the iPhone and the charger did not show signs of damage, the reports are saying that it was found to be an unofficial Apple accessory. Apple has yet to respond to this latest claim, but we guess if there’s one thing that can be learnt is that while you might save yourself a couple of bucks by not buying an official accessory, it might not necessarily be as safe as you think!

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