iphone-5-review--09We’ve been hearing far too many stories these days on how using unofficial Apple chargers have caused several cases of electrocution. This has prompted Apple to issue a statement asking customers to refrain from using these products as a safety precaution. Now the good news is that if you are using an unofficial charger due to it being cheaper, Apple is hoping to get you to buy an official charger by announcing a USB charger replacement program.

Basically what this replacement program does is that it allows Apple customers to walk into an Apple retail store or an authorized reseller, and trade-in a charger they don’t feel comfortable with for an official charger at a discount of $10. Granted this isn’t exactly a huge discount and we’re sure unofficial chargers can be had for $10, it’s still the peace of mind knowing that at least this charger has Apple’s backing and we guess $10 saved is better than nothing.

The program will kick off on the 16th of August and if you’d like to find out more, hit up Apple’s website for the details.

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