What does your smartphone say about you? We’ve seen some of these questions go by in the past, and while we’re not sure how accurate these surveys are or if they’re merely a coincidence, it’s still interesting and pretty entertaining nonetheless. Well the DailyMail has recently posted a survey conducted by TalkTalk Mobile and according to the results of the study, it was found that iPhone users are considered to be the most vain; Android users are more creative and typically drink the most; and BlackBerry users are the ones who are making the most money.

The survey was conducted by asking the participant to reveal the phone that they are using, as well as to describe their personality, habits, and their job. According to the characteristics of each smartphone, BlackBerry users were described as “loud and bubbly”, iPhone users as “confident, ambitious, daring, bright, and flirty”, while Android users were seen as “shy, quiet, relaxed, introvert, and calm”. Like we said we don’t think this is the most scientific study but it is a pretty interesting one nonetheless. What do you guys think? Does this match up to your description?

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