A few months ago, Microsoft unveiled its Xbox One, which the company also decided to showcase some next-generation games that are expected to be released on the platform. One of those games was the next chapter in Capcom’s Dead Rising series, Dead Rising 3. Today, Capcom has released a brand-new trailer for the game which seems to set a different tone than previous Dead Rising titles.

The new Dead Rising 3 trailer unfortunately looks like it doesn’t have any in-game footage as much of what we’re seeing seems to be completely computer-generated images. Considering how much of an improvement next generation graphics will be compared to this generation, we could be wrong about that and the cutscenes you’ll see are made with the game’s in-game engine.

Either way, the new trailer for Dead Rising 3 highlights how versatile Ramos will be in the game as he can pick up different weapons to create newer, more deadly ones, which has been a staple for Capcom’s Dead Rising series. If the shotgun-wielding zombie is any indication of just how much more dangerous Dead Rising 3’s zombies are going to be, then you’re going to need all the help you can get. Let’s just hope there aren’t any tank-driving zombies, or Ramos will be in some serious trouble.

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