Twitter is a social media service that has been used in a number of interesting ways as we recently reported on a hotel that encourages its patrons to tweet their experience as well as a story where a woman used the service to get herself out of a locked church. Users in Japan, on the other hand, are using the service to publish their phone numbers, bank account information and home address as part of a new fad that’s sweeping the country.

Japanese Twitter users have dubbed this fad as the “phone number revealing festival” where users are posting personal information as a way to encourage direct communication with other users in an easy way. The trend was started by Kazuma Ieiri, who published his personal information on his Twitter account as a way to communicate with new people. Kazuma-san further explained his reasoning on his Facebook account saying he is aware of the risks of publishing his personal information online, but he was more interested in having compelling conversations with new people.

There are a number of fads the originate from Japan that become popular in other countries around the world, but this is one we certainly don’t hope catches on as it could be extremely dangerous if your personal information gets into the wrong hands. Do you think you’ve got the guts to post your personal information online?

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