lol-satan-banWe have seen some pretty happenings concerning League of Legends recently, where an American Express issued debit card was just introduced that came with its fair share of goodies, in addition to a League of Legends player who was granted a US visa which recognizes him as a professional athlete, now how about that? Well, to take things off the beaten path, another League of Legends player will hog the headlines – this time after posting a petition on, making a request to the game’s developer to “unfilter the word Satan” from the MOBA.

According to Beau Guthery, the game does not censor the word “Jesus” as well as the names of other gods, citing that Riot is “blocking Satanists’ right to freedom of religion by preventing them from using the name Satan.” Guthery continued, touting that all posts to the League of Legends support team on the open forums remain blocked whenever the word “Satan” is used. So far, the petition carries the hopes of 209 supporters as at press time, and the Church of Satan even caught on this, using Twitter and Tumblr in order to raise further awareness of the petition. What do you think would be the outcome of this particular petition?

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