We’re pretty sure that back in the day, no one ever thought that they would be able to make a living playing video games, but fast forward to today, we see video gamers who are making several hundred thousand a year from prize money and endorsements, so it is really no surprise that eventually video gaming would come to be recognized as a professional sport, at least as far as League of Legends gamers are concerned. Now it seems that one particular League of Legends player, Danny “Shiphtur” Le, has been granted a US visa in which he will be allowed to come into the US ahead of the world championships in order to train for it.

Ultimately what this means is that this makes Le the first pro gamers to receive a US visa that recognizes him as an international athlete! Of course many gamers have been granted their visas in the past, but they are, for the most part, for one-off events. In Le’s case, he will be the first who will be able to make a salary during his stay in the US. According to Le who was asked about his situation, he was quoted as telling The Los Angeles Times, “It’s kind of so big — actually kind of mind-blowing.”

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