nokia-headquarters-logo-sign-001-630x472While some might have scoffed at Nokia’s Windows Phone efforts at the start, especially when many were wondering why they chose Windows Phone instead of the more popular Android platform, it looks like slowly but surely Nokia is proving the naysayers wrong. In a recent report released by the IDC (via The Wall Street Journal), it seems that over in Italy, Nokia’s Lumia handsets have been outselling the iPhone, which some consider to be one of the phones to beat.


The report states that Nokia has been a 17% YOY (year on year) increase in smartphone sales and is actually ranked number two in terms of being a smartphone vendor, with Samsung taking first place, and with Apple trailing behind.  Nokia’s success is probably not as prolific as Samsung or Apple, and it seems that while Apple and Samsung are making waves with their high-end smartphones like the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S4, Nokia has been doing it with their low-end handset, the Lumia 520 which actually accounts for 27% of Windows Phone 8 devices around the world.

Of course this news is not only great for Nokia, which many did not expect to do well, but also great for Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform in general as it continues to gain more ground. What do you guys think? Any of our readers in Europe agree with the IDC’s report?

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