lumia-520-adduplexWe have heard countless times just how well Nokia’s Lumia 520 device is doing for itself, which is admittedly pretty surprising given that it does not come with the same features or hardware specs as the company’s higher-end devices, let alone compared to the competition. However just as how Nokia has dominated emerging markets in the past with affordable products, it’s nice to see them enjoying the same amount of success with their Lumia lineup, and according to recent figures, it seems that the Lumia 520 is actually accounting for a whopping 27% of the Windows Phone 8 market.

This is according to recent figures released by AdDuplex and it is a huge increase in market share because if you recall, back in June it was reported by AdDuplex that the Lumia 520 had about 12% of the market share, so for it to more than double to 27% is impressive indeed. If one were to do basic math, it would mean that the Lumia 520 controls a little more than 1/4th of the Windows Phone market worldwide! If anything we have to wonder with the Lumia 520 doing so well, should Nokia then focus on cheap Windows Phone devices instead of cranking out high-end ones? What do you guys think?

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