nokia-tabletWe have been hearing word that Nokia is building a tablet of their own and so far we have seen leaked photos and leaked specs that seemingly confirms the “Sirius” device. However if the photos and leaked specifications weren’t enough to convince you, the folks over at AdDuplex have noticed a mysterious Nokia device that has been accessing AdDuplex’s logs in the past year, with the earliest sighting being back in October 2012 where the device was codenamed RX-107. Through the year the model’s number has been increasing, going from RX-108 and jumping straight to RX-113, 114, and 115, skipping the middle numbers entirely.

AdDuplex cannot confirm if these are multiple devices or if it is the same device that is progressing through its development cycle. They suspect that the mysterious Nokia device appearing in their logs could be the upcoming Sirius tablet running on Windows RT, which we guess would make sense since rumors are suggesting that such a device could be in the works. In fact even back in 2012 we have heard rumors that such a device could be in development which would corroborate the server log sightings. In any case it is speculation at this point, but hopefully Nokia will have something to share in the near future.

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