prince-twitterWhen it comes to musical icons, Prince has always been considered to be a wee bit ahead of his own time – musically speaking, of course. However, his eclectic talent in music that could be deemed by some to be future forward is not reflected by his eagerness – or rather, the lack of it, to usher in 21st century technology. In fact, he did declare that the Internet “completely over” in an interview which was conducted just three years or so back. It is nice to know, however, that Prince is absolutely cool with Twitter, as he has started to send out 140 character thoughts to the world, via the verified account @3rdEyeGirl.

Just in case you are wondering why @3rdEyeGirl, that is because 3rd Eye Girl happens to be the female trio who backs Prince up. Last night, however, proved to be a historical moment, as Prince took over said Twitter account, proudly announcing his entry into Twitter in caps, no less, that it is “PRINCE’S 1ST TWEET.” Which particular celebrity would you like to see have a Twitter account the most, and who do you think is better off without a Twitter account? It should make for interesting coffee shop table discussion, this.

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