samsunglogoWe had previously heard that Samsung was looking to start rolling out Tizen devices in a bid to diversify their offerings and to not be so reliant on Google’s Android operating system, despite the South Korean company doing quite well for themselves with their Galaxy phones and tablets. However according to a recent report from DigiTimes, it seems that Samsung is not resting on their laurels as being one of the top Android manufacturers, and that they have reportedly slowed down development of Tizen to refocus on Android in a bid to prevent other competitors from swooping in and stealing their market share.

Naturally if Samsung were to start focusing on Tizen, it would mean that their focus would not be placed 100% on Android, and competitors from HTC, Sony, LG, and even Motorola could step in and pick up the slack which Samsung might find hard to regain. There’s no telling how accurate DigiTimes’ report is, but last we heard Samsung had refuted rumors that the Tizen operating system was “almost dead”, but we guess we will need to wait and see for ourselves just how extensive Samsung’s Tizen efforts truly are.

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