When it comes to smartphone operating systems, iOS and Android are clearly dominating, with smaller operating systems such as Windows Phone and Blackberry 10 falling behind. With that being said, do we really need another operating system in the mix? We know that Samsung has been working on their Tizen operating system but will it see the same amount of success iOS and Android have? Perhaps with the backing of Samsung and their reputation it just might, but we will have to wait and find out. The question is, when can we expect to start seeing Tizen powered smartphones? Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, Samsung’s newly appointed co-CEO JK Shin has revealed that we can look forward to Samsung releasing a Tizen smartphone in Q3 this year.

Shin stated that Samsung is currently in the process of merging Bada (another Samsung operating system) with Tizen (developed by Samsung and Intel), and a Q3 release is likely. We’re not sure what kind of hardware we are looking at or what sort of experience to expect, but it should be noted that Samsung will not be alone in their release. Fujitsu and NEC have been reported to have jumped aboard the Tizen bandwagon as well, although we will have to wait until 2014 to see the fruits of their labor. What say you, will Tizen be able to compete with the likes of iOS and Android?

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