Steve Jobs Once Considered Killing Apple’s “Pro” Lineup


When it comes to the music and movie industry, it is no uncommon to see offices equipped with a variety of Apple computers and software, like the Mac Pro, Logic Pro, and Final Cut Pro, but it seems that at one point in time, Apple’s late co-founder Steve Jobs had considered killing off Apple’s lineup of “Pro” products. This is according to former Apple ad consultant, Ken Segall, who in a blog postrevealed that Jobs had some reservations about continuing Apple’s lineup of “Pro” products.

According to Segall, the reason is that Apple’s professional equipment was targeted at a niche market, whereas consumer products had a larger appeal and an “unlimited upside”. Segall claims that while the number of pro users are small, they consist of people who might be opinion leaders, influencers, and evangelists who could help Apple with word-of-mouth marketing. Obviously Jobs kept the pro lineup around despite his initial reservations, but Segall notes that Apple’s definition of “Pro” might have evolved over time as seen in the streamlining of user interfaces and lower price points to encourage more people to use them.

What do you guys think? Are you glad Jobs decided to keep the pro lineup, or do you think Apple’s resources could have been better used?

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