Apple had already said that it would release a new Mac Pro this year. It has been rumored that the company’s tower machine will be radically different from its predecessor. It was expected to be fully unveiled at WWDC 2013, while Apple did announce new MacBook Air models, it only gave us a sneak peak of the new Mac Pro. As promised, it is indeed quite different from its predecessors both in terms of design and performance.


The previous Mac Pro design closely resembled a cheese grater, the new one is a cylindrical tube. The company hasn’t exactly unveiled the entire design, but from what they’ve shown, it is indeed different from its predecessor, the design is one-eight the size of previous model. There was a rumor that these new Mac Pros will actually be assembled in the U.S., Apple has confirmed that it is going to assemble these towers in the States.


New Mac Pro touts next generation Intel Xeon E5 processors that can up configured with up to 12 cores as well as dual AMD GPUs. There’s a HDMI port, six Thunderbolt 2.0 ports, four USB 3.0 ports, two gigabit Ethernet ports, support for 4K displays and full flash storage. Optical drive has been removed, as had been previously rumored. The computing power that new Mac Pro can provide, is according to Apple, up to 7 teraflops.


The plethora of ports on new Mac Pro are located on the back. One might think that they may be hard to reach, but the tower is actually quite intelligent. It senses when the users is rotating it to access the ports, which are then illuminated so that the user can find the correct port easily.


Apple didn’t talk about pricing, though it said that the new Mac Pro will be released this fall. Yes, it’ll have a handle on the top.

Eliane Fiolet contributed to this post.

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