According to recent statistics, it was suggested that T-Mobile managed to prevent at least 400,000 customers from leaving the carrier thanks in part to the company finally getting the iPhone 5 onto its network. However it seems that T-Mobile does not necessarily think that the iPhone was what helped the carrier with their recent surge of customers, and speaking in an interview with AllThingsD, T-Mobile’s CEO, John Legere, suggested that perhaps it was T-Mobile’s message and service offerings as one of the main reasons the company enjoyed a turnaround, one of them being T-Mobile’s “Un-carrier” program.

Of course we don’t expect that Apple’s iPhone singlehandedly managed to turn T-Mobile’s troubles away, although in the past we have heard of carriers losing their subscribers to their rivals simply because they were not able to offer their customers the phone they wanted, in this case it would be the iPhone. What do you guys think? Any T-Mobile subscribers out there agree that it was the carrier’s new services and plans that made you stay or sign up with them? Or was it because they started to offer the iPhone officially on their network that made you hop on board?

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