docomo-msA couple of weeks ago, it was reported that Japan’s largest carrier, NTT DOCOMO, was not that interested in carrying Apple’s iPhone despite the device’s popularity. Their reasoning was that while it would definitely draw more customers in, there were strings attached to the iPhone that the company just wasn’t willing to compromise on, that and the fact that Apple did not allow DOCOMO to install their own services on its iPhone products. However it looks like DOCOMO’s stubbornness to not carry the iPhone has impacted the company negatively and according to a report from Reuters, subscribers from the carrier have been jumping ship to other carriers such as KDDI and Softbank.

The report has indicated that over the last 4 ½ years, a net total of 3.2 million users have made its way to DoCoMo’s rivals. While this does not sound good for DOCOMO, the company is apparently banking on the fact that eventually its rivals will experience saturation in iPhone sales, which will then force Apple to seek new channels of sales and eventually cave into DoCoMo’s list of demands. We suppose that’s one way of doing it and we guess we will have to wait and see if this strategy will work for them.

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