GTA 5 iFruit Kit Now Available For Your iPhone

ifruitIf you have seen some of the Grand Theft Auto 5 posters, you might have noticed that one of the “models” can be seen posing in a bikini and taking a photo with her iPhone. Well, actually make that an iFruit, especially since we expect Rockstar probably doesn’t want to pay Apple any licensing fees just for using its likeness in a game. In any case if you thought that the iFruit phone looked pretty cool, you can now get one for yourself for just $13, although you would be required to own an iPhone first.

Made by MobileFun, this kit is basically a vinyl sticker that will stick to the back of your iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s and transform the Apple logo into the “iFruit” logo, as well as replace the iPhone name with the “iFruit” moniker. According to MobileFun, this will be the most accurate fit on the market and will measure less than 1mm thick, so if you have a case for your iPhone, this should not pose any problems, and for those who enjoy how thin their phone is, the sticker shouldn’t add any unnecessary bulk either. You will be able to pick up the iFruit sticker for yourself via MobileFun’s website.

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