It’s been quite the long road for Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto 5, which the company spent a total of five years creating its latest open-world crime simulator. Grand Theft Auto 5 was originally supposed to be released in March 2013, which means we would have been six-months deep into the GTA craziness, but the title was delayed until September 2013. Rockstar Games later announced Grand Theft Auto 5 would be released on September 17, and as you can clearly see by your calendar, today is that day and the game is officially available for sale.

Take Two explained the reason behind the delay of Grand Theft Auto 5 was due to the title needing additional time in order to give it an extra coat of polish. The delay wasn’t too terrible as the six months we had to wait for the game’s release was filled with screenshots, videos and additional information regarding the game to keep ourselves occupied until the game officially released. Judging by Grand Theft Auto 5’s score on Metacritic as of this writing, it looks like that extra bit of time did the game some good as its Xbox 360 version is sitting at an average score of 98, while the PlayStation 3 version scores an average of 97. Either way, Grand Theft Auto 5 looks to have lived up to its hype, and if you’re allowed to play the game, then you should have it in your console later on this evening.

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