12.10.02-NestYou guys might recall that back in 2011, former Apple executive, Tony Fadell, launched a thermostat called the Nest Learning Thermostat. The device, for those unfamiliar, is to help regulate the temperature in your homes but does it in a smart way and will learn your needs, while at the same time optimize itself to consume less energy in the long run. The device has since seen a release of a second-generation but now word on the street has it that the company is looking to release a smoke detector that is expected to work alongside the Learning Thermostat.

It is unclear as to the full specifications of the smoke detector, but given the Learning Thermostat’s features, the smoke detector product is expected to be heavily laden with sensors as well, apart from the default and obvious smoke sensor, of course. Some features could include subscription monitoring services along with motion sensors. It has also been rumored that the device could be announced later this year as well, so we’ll definitely be keeping our eyes peeled for it, but what do you guys think? What sort of high-tech features could a smoke detector bring to the table?

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