There are a bunch of tech companies who have been making their own smart home products. The problem with those products is compatibility, where you can’t always mix and match if you’re hoping to create a cohesive system. This is why it was kind of a big deal when Google, Apple, and Amazon announced Matter, a new smart home alliance.

Now the good news is that if you’ve always eyed Google’s Nest products but you’re coming from an iOS background, you’ll be pleased to learn that Google will be bringing its Nest smart home devices to the Matter alliance. What this means is that HomeKit should eventually have access to devices like the Nest Thermostat.

It will also work in reverse, where devices that use the Matter protocol will now be able to connect with Google Home through Android. It can be annoying to look for smart home devices for one particular platform only to find that there is nothing that you want, and the gadget you want is actually not available for your platform.

To be fair, most smart home device makers have been pretty good at trying to make their products as widely compatible as possible, but this alliance should make things a lot easier. According to Google, “We’re committed to making the smart home more helpful. The Google smart home will keep finding ways to bring Google Assistant, Nest devices, industry-leading partners and new technology together to help you get things done, stay on track…and sometimes just sit back and enjoy your home.”

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