Google Accidentally Leaks Its ‘Nest Hub Max’ Smart Display

Ever since Google acquired Nest back in 2014, both companies have sort of continued to run as separate entities, with each company putting out their own set of products. However, it seems that could change because in a leak on its own website, Google might have accidentally revealed an upcoming product called the Nest Hub Max.

Pranksters Access Nest Camera To Broadcast Fake Missile Attack

Smart gadgets are wonderful things. They help us automate a lot of our lives, and provide us with even better and accessible home security than ever. However its security is really only as strong as your account’s password, which is what a family in Orinda discovered when their Nest camera was accessed and used to broadcast a fake message about North Korea firing missiles at the US.

Hacker Talks To His Victim Through His Internet Security Camera

While it is pretty cool to be able to hook up our various appliances and gadgets to the internet and be able to control them remotely, there is the question of security, where being connected to the internet means that your device is essentially open to the possibility of being hacked. Unfortunately for one Andy Gregg, that is precisely what happened.

Google Could Be Considering A Rebranding Of Nest

Nest is a brand that many are familiar with in terms of smart home products like security cameras, thermostats, and smoke detectors. However it seems that despite the popularity of the brand and how well-known it is, it seems that Google (who owns Nest) could be considering rebranding it.


Photogenic Snake Triggers Nest Doorbell Camera

Smart doorbell cameras come in handy when you’re not at home and still want to see when someone rings your doorbell. However, if you were Kansas resident Mackenze Bullins, you probably got surprised when the alert that you got revealed that a snake had trigger your Nest Hello doorbell’s camera.

Nest Is Now Under The Google Home Team

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, is shuffling things around over in Mountain View. The smart home device maker Nest which previously operated as an independent entity under Alphabet will now be operating under the team responsible for Google’s Home devices. Subsequently, Nest CEO Marwan Fawaz is stepping down.

Nest Starts Selling Its Temperature Sensor

It was only a few months ago that Nest announced the much-awaited temperature sensor add-on for its smart thermostats. The company had taken pre-orders for the sensors but it has started shipping them just now. Moreover, they’re now available for purchase directly from Nest so those who have been waiting to pick one up can now do so from the Nest store or through the Google Store.

Nest To Install Its Smart Thermostats In Homes Of Low-Income Families

Earth Day is coming up soon which means that we’re starting to see various companies tout their energy saving habits and processes, and it looks like Nest wants it to be known as well that they do have plans to help protect our environment. The company has launched what they call their “Power Project” which is an initiative to raise awareness about energy efficiency and consumption.

Nest’s Video Doorbell & Smart Lock Now Available For Purchase

Nest might be a company known for their smart thermostat, smoke alarm, and home security cameras, but in case you missed the news, Nest recently teamed up with lockmaker Yale to launch a smart lock, which together with the Nest video doorbell are finally available for purchase.

Amazon Decides To Not Sell Any New Nest Products

Nest, a Google-owned smart home company, sells a limited number of its products on Amazon. Its parent company and Amazon have been involved in a feud for quite some time now and it appears that the former decided to escalate that late last year. According to a new report, Amazon’s retail team informed Nest on a conference call last year that none of the new products the company has announced […]

Nest Cam IQ Indoor Updated With Google Assistant Support

As you know Google owns Nest, and recently the company announced that they would be merging Nest with their hardware team. However it looks like it didn’t take too long for Nest to start reaping some of the benefits of being part of Google’s hardware team because the Nest Cam IQ indoor has recently gotten an update which some of you might appreciate.

Nest To Merge With Google’s Hardware Team

Several years ago, Google acquired Nest, a company that specialized in smart and connected home devices like thermostats, smoke detectors, and so on. For the most part Nest and Google existed separate of each other, where they each did their own thing. However late last year, there were reports that Google could be looking to merge Nest with its hardware team.

Google Might Merge Nest With Its Hardware Team

Smart home device company Nest was acquired by Google several years ago. The company remained under its control until the Alphabet parent company was formed which now controls various different properties like Google itself and also Nest. According to a new report, Google is now thinking about merging Nest with its hardware design team. Nest currently exists as a separate entity.

T-Mobile’s Nest Security Bundle Offers Cellular Backup

T-Mobile today announced its entry into the connected home security market with the T-Mobile Nest security pack. It’s going to launch this bundle on November 10th. The T-Mobile Nest security bundle provides users with cellular backup. Magenta is actually the exclusive cellular backup provider for Nest Secure.