We’re just a few weeks from the release of the Xbox One, and as a result, Microsoft is going full force marketing the next-generation console. Microsoft released a new commercial for the Xbox One that invited people around the world to use the console to game, watch sports and to carry out conversations through Skype. Today, Microsoft wants potential Xbox One owners a look at what they can expect from the console’s dashboard in a new video the company published yesterday.

In the new video, a Xbox One owner takes us through some of the console’s dashboard, showing its performance is greatly improved over the Xbox 360’s dashboard. The majority of the interaction between the player and the Xbox One in this video is carried out with the new Kinect, as the person navigates his way through different applications to watch a movie, play a game and chat with a friend.

The video also shows off how easy it’ll be to record and upload gameplay clips while you’re in the middle of action by simply using voice commands. Of course, this requires you to plug in your Kinect, which we have a feeling many of you Xbox One owners who didn’t own the Xbox 360’s Kinect will be hesitant to do.

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