violent-taxWe have heard stories where excessive gaming has actually lead to death and of course these are extreme cases, but it seems that over in China, the Communist Party’s newspaper, the Southern Daily, quoted a university professor by the name of Tao Hongkai where he likened professional gaming to drug dealing. According to Tao, “The damage that violent web games do to players’ brains is like the influence of opium on the brain of an addict; this shows that violent web games are internet opium, spiritual narcotics. Earning a living playing web games is like being a drug dealer; this way of living can only harm others and harm yourself.”

We reckon it’s a bit unfair to liken professional gaming to drug dealing. After all there are plenty of professional gamers out there who are able to regulate their hours, despite having to train very hard to be the best at what they do. The gaming industry in general has taken a fair amount of hits from outsiders where some have claimed that violent games tends to lead to actual violence, to the point where even the President of the United States is looking to fund research to further study the effects of these violent games. What do you guys think?

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