There were instances in the past that told of how one has forgotten all of one’s responsibilities when playing games, resulting in the death of a child. Other cases showed that the person playing games itself actually played to their death – literally. Another instance has happened recently, where it involved a 25-year-old National University of Singapore (NUS) biology student who spent the entire night till the next morning playing computer games.

Third-year student Xu Kaixiang’s body was found collapsed on the floor, and where else did he drop dead other than next to his home computer? Needless to say, his computer was not turned off yet, and according to Xu’s father, his son had been playing computer games at home recently, preferring to remain a hermit in his own room since there was no need to attend any lessons because of the school holiday period.

Efforts to revive Xu via CPR failed, while paramedics who attempted the same also did not succeed. Even so, Xu was said to run twice each week, and his most recent run happened just a few days ago without any abnormal reports. There was no mention as to what kind of game he was playing at the time of his death.

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