Blizzard announced the Diablo 3 expansion a while ago, called the Reaper of Souls, and we know that come BlizzCon 2013, Blizzard will be sharing more details about what they have planned for the Diablo 3 game, the expansion, and the franchise. The schedule, according to Blizzard, will also show off the game’s cinematic intro which will be different from the launch trailer and if you can’t be bothered to wait until BlizzCon 2013, leaked footage of that trailer has since made its way onto the internet in pretty amazing quality, suggesting that whoever leaked it managed to get their hands on the file itself, as opposed to sneakily recording it with their camera while it was playing.

If you’re wondering what the trailer is about, we suggest you click the video above and watch it because presumably Blizzard might want to get it taken down ASAP, lest it ruins whatever surprise they have in store for you guys at BlizzCon 2013. The video goes through the different game modes, introduces a bit of the new artisan, the Mystic, and more. It certainly looks like the expansion will be addressing a lot of the issues players had with the original, but whether it will be enough to get players to return and keep playing remains to be seen. What do you guys think?

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