Good news gamers! If you have been waiting for a Diablo 3 expansion, it is now official as Blizzard has formally announced that Reaper of Souls will be the new Diablo 3 expansion! The expansion will introduce a new Crusader class, bringing the total number of playable classes to 6. The Crusader has also been seen as the Paladin for Diablo 3 who will also be getting both melee and ranged skills, with Fist of the Heavens being one of them.

The expansion will also see an increase of the level cap to 70 which is up from 60 for the original game. Unsurprisingly the expansion will also introduce a new act and will introduce a new final boss in the form of Malthael. So who is this Malthael character?

Well according to Blizzard, Malthael is the fallen angel of wisdom and is now the angel of death, who is also the leader of other death angels. His cause is to reap both demons and humans alike in a bid to end conflict which we’re presuming is the goal of the hero to prevent from happening. The expansion will also bring about new monsters such as the Seraph, a Summoner of the Dead, the Executioner, and the Death Maiden just to name a few.

Blizzard will also look to improve the end game of Diablo 3 through Loot Runs (15-20 min long randomized dungeons); Smart Drops where the loot drops will have their stats tweaked according to the type of class you are playing; and improvements to the Paragon System. However there is a downside to this and that is loot drops will be less frequent now, but Blizzard is hoping to make up for it by making them more meaningful.

Blizzard has also released both the cinematic trailer and gameplay trailer for the upcoming expansion, so if you’d like to learn more about the expansion and get a glimpse of the new areas, monsters, skills, and the Crusader class, be sure to check out the video above and below for the details!

Unfortunately during Blizzard’s presentation at Gamescom there was no mention of a release date for the Reaper of Souls expansion, but hopefully those details will be shared soon, so be sure to check back with us later for more updates. In the meantime who else is excited for the game? I know I am!

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