Taking a panoramic shot of your current location is something many of us enjoy doing, especially if we’re in a place that is absolutely gorgeous and should be captured in an image. The problem is, if something randomly pops into your photo or if you don’t have the steadiest of hands, it could ruin your panoramic shot, and worse, the entire majestic moment of capturing your beautiful surroundings. That’s why the PanoPal was created.


The PanoPal is a device that helps you take panoramic photos without having to rely on a steady hand, which we know your hands are anything but steady considering how much coffee we consume a day. RadiantModo Studio equipped its PanoPal with a motorized roaring stand and a remote control to help you take the perfect panoramic shots.


As you can see from the sample shots RadiantModo Studio provided, the PanoPal certainly does a good job at keeping your device sturdy while taking panoramic photos. We think the “free hand” sample might have been blown a bit out of proportion, but we think you get the idea.

The PanoPal is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and it can run for a total of five hours before you would need to charge its rechargeable Li-io battery. PanoPal is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, so if you have $35 bucks in your pocket, your pledge could bring you one step closer to owning this device.

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