New Apple Mac Pro Is Easy To Repair


In the last week of December Apple finally started shipping the new Mac Pro, a device it first teased back in December 2012. The new Mac Pro comes with a completely different design as well as significantly improved hardware, it is certainly nothing like its predecessor. Apple products are generally hard to repair, as we’ve often found out from the folks at iFixit. They were quite surprised to see that its actually very easy to repair the new Mac Pro, with access to the internals merely a slide of the lock switch away. They also note that while many compared the machine’s design with that of a trash can, its much more similar to an aluminium beverage can.

Its easy to access the RAM modules when the outer casing is opened, and they are replaceable, meaning that users will easily be able to upgrade RAM up to 64GB without having too much trouble. They’ll need to use a single screwdriver to remove the internal SSDs, which then reveals the flash controller and the flash storage. The CPU is removable as well but users will have to dig through other components first before reaching the brains of Apple’s new Mac Pro. iFixit says that this machine is easy to disassemble, but cautions against taking it apart without a repair manual because there are some new proprietary connectors and tight cable routing which can make life a bit difficult once you’re elbow deep inside the new Mac Pro.

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