mac_pro_removable_cpuIf there is one big criticism that Apple faces over their computers it would be the lack of upgradability. Basically if you were to buy an iMac that you wanted to use for a long time, you’d have to pick its most powerful specs because unlike PCs, it is nearly impossible to swap out the iMac’s innards for something better or newer. This is where the Mac Pro comes in with a bit more upgradability and according to the folks at Other World Computing who performed a quick teardown of the new Mac Pro, it has been confirmed that the CPU in the computer is removable, meaning that users will be able to upgrade the CPU whenever they want in the event that it starts to get a little old or worn out.

This is thanks to the fact that the processor is socketed to the motherboard, as opposed to being directly soldered which seems to be the case in most of Apple’s Mac computers, both laptop and desktop. Apple’s Mac Pros have typically been a little bit more customizable than say the iMac, where users can swap out RAM and graphic cards for something better or newer. Of course one could argue that this still isn’t as modular compared to the PC, but for those who are planning on getting a Mac Pro, we suppose this is better than nothing.

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