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Xbox One Blu-ray Movies At 24Hz Apparently Causing Audio Issues For Some Users

Xbox One Blu ray Movies At 24Hz Apparently Causing Audio Issues For Some Users

It is possible to use Microsoft’s latest gaming console to play Blu-ray movies, however users are first required to download a Blu-ray player app before they can enjoy their favorite movies. It appears that a number of Xbox One owners are complaining about audio sync issues when they playback a Blu-ray movie with the 24Hz refresh rate option turned on. A number of Xbox One owners have spoken out about the issue on the official Xbox support forums and while an alternative fix has been proposed, Microsoft is yet to talk about a proper fix for this issue.

Some owners in the support forum thread claim that they fixed the issue by simply turning the 24Hz refresh rate off. However its more a matter of personal preference. Those who want to play Blu-ray movies on their Xbox One with the option turned on should be able to, but apparently the on/off fix doesn’t work for all Xbox One owners so its not like there’s a guarantee that turning the option off will get rid of audio syncing issues. A Microsoft Support team member last weighed in on the post about a back, suggesting that the app be removed and reinstalled. Have you faced a similar issue on your console?

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