gold-xbox-oneGold is one precious metal that has gone through thousands of years without losing any lustre in its value or desirability. In fact, whenever the world is not that stable with wars, hiked up oil prices and unrests here and there, the price of gold would more often than not take another few steps up north. Having said that, to plate your game console with gold is an extravagant things to do, but what’s the point of being a high end shopping mall when you do not have anything ostentatious to offer your customers? This is what the £6,000 24-karat gold plated version of the Xbox One on display at Harrod’s is all about.


Sure, it will still be cheaper than the white Xbox One which was auctioned off for $11,300, but then again, at the end of the day when this gold-plated Xbox One has run its course, I am quite sure that can always strip if off all the other impurities and use the melted gold to say, fashion ring or something. It remains to be seen whether this is the only model available for sale, or will there be other models as well. It does make me wonder why nobody bothered to come up with far more affordable silver-plated consoles.

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