xboxone-362gbWhen Microsoft first made their announcement concerning the Xbox One’s launch across 21 different markets on November 22nd, there was plenty of fanfare, but most of it sizzled out after eight of the mentioned countries, namely Russia, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark, have seen their respective launches delayed until some time next year. A new report has surfaced, citing unnamed sources (which ought to raise the alert flag for most folks already) that named at least a quartet of the mentioned countries will not see the Xbox One arrive on their shores until Q3 2014.

That is a very long time away, dear readers, and to wait for another 9 more months can be a rather agonizing experience. I suppose there is always the option of parallel imports, but will the final cost be worth all the patience that you could have exhibited along the way? GameReactor touts that the Nordic countries of Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark will only see the Xbox One arrive sometime within the months of July until September 2014. It remains to be seen just what the reason for the apparent delay could be. Anyone wants to warrant a guess as to what this hiccup in the release is attributed to?

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