google-fitness-apiWearable tech devices are the next big thing in the market, or so it seems, but it did seem for a while as though wearing something like Google Glass is going to bring you a whole lot more grief than it is worth. There are plenty of smart wearables, including smart watches, smart glasses and head-up displays, smart headphones, smart homes and smart clothes – the list just goes on and on. Most, if not all, of these devices will include low-power sensors which will be able to obtain information about your health, your activities, as well as the things you see. Android 4.4 KitKat will support a bunch of new sensors that will enable it to detect and count steps, and these sensors are implemented in hardware which can be available only on the Nexus 5 at the moment. Right now, Google is working on a Fitness API for Android that will enable applications to view and edit fitness data.

This Fitness API will allow one to view and edit your fitness tracking, health and activities data, and these include reading and writing raw and transformed data. This could very well enable Google to stash data obtained from multiple sources to your Google account, allowing other applications to process it, show charts and other kinds of useful information. It remains to be seen, however, just when will this new API be available – we do not know whether it will happen in the next Android release or in Google Play Services.

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