mac-pro-replica-1-FSMdotCOM-640x424The new Apple Mac Pro is admittedly a very interesting computer to look at. There are some out there who love the cylindrical design, calling it futuristic, while others might criticize it, likening it to trash cans or cooking equipment. However it was the latter that had one German thinking, why not, which resulted in him creating his own Hackintosh out of an actual trash can (the Authentics Lunar bathroom trash can, for those who are wondering), which we have to say could almost pass off as the real thing upon first glance! Heck, he even painted it red which reminds us of Jony Ive’s special edition Mac Pro that was put up on auction a few months ago.

Granted the innards might not be as beautifully designed or laid out compared to the real Mac Pro, but we guess therein lies the beauty of Hackintosh computers as it allows users to customize their computers to their heart’s desire, and sometimes cheaper than the real deal as well. However in this case, the end result was not as powerful as the new Mac Pro but should be enough to get the job done. The specs of the computer includes a Intel Core i3 processor (Haswell), a Gigabyte Z87N motherboard with WiFi, an AMD Radeon 7750 GPU, an SSD and a HDD, and an ATX PSU to help power the entire setup. If you’d like to see more photos and try to build your own Hackintosh, head on over here for the details.

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