findmikeHow does it feel like to play the role of a hero? Well, Neil Laybourn certainly stepped into the shoes of a hero when he stopped Jonny Benjamin, 26, from plunging to his death on Waterloo Bridge in January six years ago. The latter was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder when Neil Laybourn actually managed to stop Jonny from taking the final leap. Mr. Benjamin decided that one good turn deserves another, which is why he kicked off a Twitter campaign with the hashtag #findmike so that he can trace down the person who saved his life.

According to Mr. Laybourn, he knew that the tweet referred to him the moment he laid his eyes on it, and the two of them were reunited on Tuesday. Just how did Mr. Laybourn managed to talk Mr. Benjamin into stepping down? An offer to purchase a cup of coffee did the trick somewhat. Mr. Laybourn said, “I walked up around him and just calmly approached him and I said: ‘Hi mate, can you tell me why you’re sitting on the bridge?’ before he was informed that Mr. Benjamin was going to give up on life. The coffee did not materialized back then, but I guess all of it is water under the bridge now (pun not intended) as they have reunited, and Mr. Benjamin got his chance to say thank you to Mr. Laybourn after half a dozen years.

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