basisOne of the features of smartwatches, apart from being able to tell the time and receive notifications, is usually the inclusion of health-related features. What this means that certain smartwatches will be able to track certain parts of your workout, like the distance you have run, the speed at which you have ran, calories burnt, heart rate, and so on. According to the rumors, Apple’s rumored iWatch is said to be packed full of health-related features, which is why a recent report from TechCrunch on how Apple might be interested in acquiring a fitness smartwatch company might not be such a stretch of the imagination.

The company in question is called Basis Science, who has been responsible for the creation of the Basis Health Tracker Watch. According to TechCrunch, the company is apparently actively looking for buyers for its health tracking smartwatch business over the past few weeks, and Apple has been named as one of the companies that might be interested in them. Apple is apparently not alone in expressing their interest as reportedly companies such as Google could be interested as well. With rumors that Google could be looking to launch a smartwatch of their own as well, their interest in the company is also somewhat believable. Apart from Apple and Google, the rumors claim that Samsung and Microsoft could be interested as well. Take these rumors with a grain of salt for now, but we’ll be keeping an eye out for additional details.

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