google_time_full1-650x509We have heard the rumors that Google could be planning a smartwatch of their own and with the company’s foray into wearable electronics with Google Glass, a smartwatch is definitely not a stretch of the imagination. Well thanks to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Google’s recent acquisition of WiMM Labs is expected to bear fruit in the coming months and we could very well see Google’s smartwatch launch in the near future. While the specs and features of Google’s smartwatch remains a mystery, it has been suggested that it will center around the Google Now service which we guess makes sense to a certain degree.

The watch will naturally pair with a smartphone, presumably via Bluetooth, hopefully Bluetooth 4.0 LE since this would allow the watch to be used for longer periods of time, versus the Samsung Galaxy Gear which currently sports a battery life of about a day. Apart from that not much else is known, including pricing or availability, but hopefully given that Google has been pretty generous with its price when it comes to their Nexus products, the company’s smartwatch will be just as competitively priced as well. In any case hopefully we will be able to find out just what Google has been up to, so check back with us at a later date for the details.

[Image Credit – Droid-LIfe]

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