Apple-iwatch-Render-2We’re sure many are curious as to what Apple’s iWatch could feature as Apple is a company many love to watch whether you love them or hate them. Many are also curious as to what the iWatch might pack under the hood to help distinguish it from the competition. After all having the same functionality as the Pebble or Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch will probably not do Apple any favors. That being said, in a report from NetworkWorld, it has been discovered that Apple might have recently hired the former CTO of Ceracor, Marcelo Malini Lamego as part of their R&D team. Based on Lamego’s specialties, many have speculated that his talents will go towards helping Apple with their iWatch.

Lamego is credited with over 70 patents and patent applications related to sensors and patient monitoring, however some believe that Lameog’s work on Rainbow, a non-invasive monitoring tool that can track several blood and physiological parameters at the same time, might be of interest to Apple. In the past, Apple has hired several health experts whom are believed to help contribute their expertise to the iWatch. Based on these hirings, it would seem that Apple’s iWatch is shaping up to be a somewhat complex medical/health device. A recent report, however, suggests that the iWatch might not be as complex as we think it is, and that Apple’s hiring of these experts are to ensure that readings provided by the iWatch are accurate. Make what you will of Apple’s latest hire but until we hear from Apple, all we can do is speculate.

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