iwatch-conceptWe have been hearing a lot about Apple’s rumored iWatch and how it will incorporate a bunch of health features into the device. In fact Apple’s recently hiring of biometric experts and sleep experts seems to suggest that the company is interested in incorporating such features into future products, whether or not it is an iWatch or not.

However another rumor has suggested that the hirings is not so much that Apple wants to jam health features into the device, but to ensure that the measurements and readings are accurate. Now thanks to a new report from Network World, one of the rumored features, which is glucose monitoring, will not be making it into the iWatch after all.

According to the report, apparently the technology is still too early to be incorporated into mainstream consumer devices like the iWatch. One of the examples provided pointed at the C8 Mediasensors and its non-invasive glucose monitoring, showing how such technology was still considered to be in its infancy.

The flaws in the technology, along with the fact that it needs to be worn around the waist and is powered by a huge battery pack is one of the reasons why we doubt we will be seeing such technology incorporated into a wrist watch anytime soon.

Not to mention that by creating such a device, it would take a long time to get it approved by the relevant authorities, which in turn would delay Apple’s entrance into the wearable market. In the fact of Samsung announcing a trio of wearable devices at MWC alone, we reckon Apple will probably not want to waste anymore time than necessary.

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