apple-iwatch-concept-2Apple’s iWatch has been getting a lot of attention these days, despite the fact that the device may or may not be real, but then again it is Apple which is why it is hardly surprising. So far we have heard how the iWatch could be health-focused, with Apple’s recent reported hiring of a sleep expert pointing towards that. There have also been indications that Apple could be incorporating additional health features such as glucose sensing and hydration levels, all of which is shaping up to be an extremely complex product. However it seems that perhaps Apple’s iWatch might not necessarily be so complicated after all, according to Brian Dolan of MobiHealthNews.

According to Dolan, it seems that Apple’s hiring of these experts is more about making sure that the readings that they generate with the iWatch are accurate and in accordance with the industry and the professionals working in them. “Some fitness tracking devices available today primarily give users feedback in the form of an arbitrary points system — like Nike Fuel. Apple will likely not do this, but instead focus on real metrics like calories. Having a team with such advanced pedigrees will help ensure Apple’s device is accurate. Don’t expect glucose sensing though.” What do you guys think?

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