htc-logo2Apple, despite not selling low-end handsets, is doing very well for themselves. Nokia on the other hand despite selling high-end handsets, has actually done better for itself by selling low-end devices like the Nokia Lumia 520, so which strategy should one adopt? Go high-end and get a higher profit margin? Or go low-end and capture a larger market? Well we suppose that would be subject to a variety of other factors to take into consideration, but in the meantime HTC fans will be pleased to learn that HTC will not be abandoning their low-end market entirely. According to a report from Reuters, HTC’s Chairwoman, Cher Wang, revealed that the company was planning on selling more $150-$300 handsets in 2014.

As you might recall back in 2013, HTC did not exactly focus on the low-end market, with devices like the HTC One and HTC One Max not exactly of the budget variety. This is compared to 2012 where HTC had devices like the HTC One V which was priced to capture the low-end market. At this point in time we have not heard anything about low-end HTC devices, save for the HTC M8 Mini which at the very least would be priced cheaper than the HTC M8 although we’re not sure if that would be considered to be an entry-level handset. Perhaps HTC will have more to share during MWC 2014, so check back with us then for the details.

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