When it comes to choosing a smartphone for ourselves, we think about its specs, its look, its price, and so on. However for the disabled, they need to factor in whether the phone or the platform has accessibility features catered to them, like a color-blind mode, or a mode for the visually impaired, or a feature for those with hearing disabilities, and so on. Well the good news for those who might be hearing impaired is that GN ReSound has recently announced what they’re calling the world’s smartest hearing aid, which at the same time is also the first hearing aid to have been certified by Apple and given the “Made for iPhone” solution.


So what so special about this hearing aid? Dubbed the ReSound LiNX, the hearing aid is essentially like a Bluetooth headset as it will pair with your iPhone via Bluetooth. From there, the hearing aid can be controlled completely via your iPhone itself, meaning that you will not have to have extra tools on your apart from your phone if you wish to make certain adjustments to it. There are also profiles that you can setup, for example at home, at work, or when you’re outside, and the hearing aid will automatically switch to those sound settings when it has determined your location.

Like we said, the ReSound LiNX is essentially a Bluetooth headset as well and can be used to listen to music, receive calls, watch videos, and so on. GN ReSound is expected to begin distribution of the LiNX through a global network of audiologists so if you’d like to learn more about the product or find out about its availability, hit up its website for the details.

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