Building on the success of its Thermo Smart device, Withings is coming to CES 2024 with BeamO, an innovative 4-in-1 health checkup device set to enable at-home health monitoring and enhance telehealth visits. This advanced “multiscope” integrates ECG, oximeter, stethoscope, and thermometer sensors, transforming the traditional thermometer into a comprehensive tool for regular heart and lung health monitoring. 

Smaller than a smartphone, BeamO‘s design is sleek and combines the capabilities of a thermometer, electrocardiogram, oximeter, and stethoscope. A great tool to help families with telehealth sessions with doctors, Eric Carreel, Founder and President of Withings, highlights BeamO’s transformative capabilities, stating that it will be the “thermometer of the future,” allowing users to assess temperature while observing the state of the heart and lungs. 

BeamO addresses the limitations of post-pandemic telemedicine by combining the functionalities of four different medical devices into one handheld device. The multiscope analysis incorporates advanced sensors that interpret blood flow patterns, temperature, and acoustic information, enabling a comprehensive health scan.

The new connected health device ensures a secure and complete health record by syncing seamlessly with the Withings app via Wi-Fi. It offers enhanced capabilities within the Withings App for tracking individual and family health journeys. Users can easily record, share, and review their health stats over time, including interpretations and actionable advice. The app facilitates the upload of family medical histories, medication details, and side effects, promoting comprehensive health management.

Key features of BeamO include:

Heart Health Monitoring: Utilizing Photoplethysmography (PPG) and electrodes, BeamO performs blood oxygenation (SpO2) and heart rate readings simultaneously, along with a medical-grade 1-lead ECG. This provides real-time insights into heart health.

Temperature Reading: BeamO conducts accurate and stable core body temperature readings through a noninvasive scan of the temporal artery. The second-generation hotspot sensor enhances sensitivity, ensuring robust contactless measurements.

Lung Health Monitoring: Equipped with a cutting-edge digital stethoscope, BeamO captures chest or back acoustic soundwaves, enabling precise heart and lung measurements. Results can be heard through headphones and seamlessly shared with healthcare professionals.

Comprehensive Health Records: By syncing with the Withings app through Wi-Fi, BeamO creates detailed health records over time. The app allows users to track health stats, receive interpretations, and access actionable advice. Family members can create individual profiles for shared device use.

A CES2024 Innovations Award Honoree, Beam’O is expected to retail at $249.95 in June 2024, pending FDA clearance for its ECG capability. 

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