Most people think of aging as an inevitability, and they are right. However, startup BarunBio sees aging as a disease that can be at least delayed and perhaps reversed someday. Many biotech companies would agree, and there have been various attempts at tackling aging using various techniques, including cell reprogramming and even drugs.

BarunBio takes a different and more gentle approach by increasing cell metabolism using micro-electric energy (microcurrent therapy). The theory is that the microcurrent would stimulate things like blood circulation and collagen production and promote the release of growth factors. These effects could contribute to improved cellular function and potentially impact metabolism, at least indirectly.

This field is still under intense research as further research is needed to understand better the intricacies of microcurrent therapy and its impact on cellular metabolism. That said, BarunBio mentioned that in clinical evaluations, athletes experienced more than 6% less fatigue when using this technology, so what is required to induce these microcurrents?

“According to exercise tests, this electrical stimulation activates muscles, enhancing workout performance by 30% and reducing muscle fatigue by an average of 6% or more. It also accelerates recovery during rest and can reduce accompanying muscle soreness and swelling in everyday life.” (BarunBio)

Users only need to wear BarunBio’s WE-STIM (wearable electric stimulation) sportswear. The material will harness and generate static electricity, which is then released to the body as microcurrents. The WE-STIM material is designed to funnel the energy in specific locations and could also come as patches.

So far, the company says that early customer response has been very positive, encouraging them to pursue their market expansion.

It would be possible to create a gel that would offer opportunities like hair follicle stimulation, which may promote hair regrowth; that’s another big market. Finally, there might be ways to use BarunBio technologies in cosmetic products, and the company is in the discussion phase with established cosmetic players.

BarunBio isn’t talking about overall body anti-aging at CES, but this kind of technology could promote collagen production, which is tied to younger-looking skin, or promote joint production and muscle, which degrade heavily with aging. In that sense, it does produce the effect of an anti-aging product.

In the end, WE-STIM is extremely easy to use, and if it performs as BarunBio says, the user experience and ease of use should be a major advantage. The science behind it and its opportunities in other markets is very promising. The company has ambitious goals and plans to offer more anti-aging care solutions.

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