Infineon Technologies AG has unveiled its “XENSIV Sleep Quality Service” at the OktoberTech Silicon Valley event. We are talking about a comprehensive hardware and software solution designed for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to enhance people’s sleep quality by integrating it into devices like bedside lamps, smart speakers, air purifiers, and televisions.

Leveraging Infineon’s 60GHz Radar, PSoC, and Wi-Fi technologies, the XENSIV Sleep Quality Service provides a non-intrusive and privacy-focused means of measuring and optimizing an individual’s sleep based on their unique needs. This development enables OEMs to expedite the introduction of sleep quality-enabled devices to the market, potentially reducing time-to-market by up to one-third.

With the integration of this technology, OEMs can shift their focus toward improving users’ overall quality of life through enhanced sleep experiences.

The Importance of Quality Sleep

The importance of quality sleep is underscored by scientific evidence that insufficient sleep can lead to severe health risks, including depression and heart disease. Additionally, it’s estimated that inadequate sleep contributes to a significant economic cost in terms of productivity loss and safety hazards, such as drowsy driving accidents. Jan-Hendrik Sewing, Senior Vice President of Radio Frequency and sensors at Infineon, stated:

“Our vision of digitalization is to provide technology on a system level to improve people’s lives.”

The XENSIV Sleep Quality Service contributes to this vision by offering a cost-effective solution that aids OEMs in rapidly developing products geared toward enhancing the sleep quality of their customers.

The service excels in recognizing and adapting to an individual’s natural sleep rhythm, offering crucial data for intelligent management of lighting, heating, cooling, and air quality. Its features encompass sleep measurement, sleep stage detection, and monitoring of respiratory factors. This approach to sleep quality enhancement is part of Infineon’s Sensing as a Service (SEaaS) initiative, streamlining OEMs’ time-to-market with fully managed, end-to-end solutions.

OEMs can efficiently integrate the required hardware components into their devices, combine the XENSIV Sleep Quality Service cloud solution into their digital infrastructure and mobile applications, and retain ownership of customer data and relationships. The user-friendly approach promises to offer individuals valuable insights into their sleep patterns, ultimately contributing to improved sleep quality.

Ubergizmo co-founder Eliane Fiolet is on-site and we’re looking forward to seeing a live demo of this new technology.

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