ip6-01No one really knows what the iPhone 6 will look like. In fact no one knows how big the phone will be, despite the rumors that the iPhone 6 could come in two sizes: 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch (earlier rumors suggested 5.7-inch).

However recently a Japanese case manufacturer has uploaded photos of a dummy device that is allegedly based on the iPhone 6, although we have no way of verifying if any of this is true. At the same time it does make for a pretty interesting point of discussion, so why not, right?

So based on the dummy phone and its approximation, we can only assume this would be the 4.7-inch model since it is compared against the iPhone 5s whose display measures 4-inches. The thickness of the phone appears to be similar-ish, although we get the impression that the dummy is slightly thicker, but that could be because of its choice of material and might not reflect the actual device.

The rest of the design also appears to be similar to the iPhone 5s which suggests that apart from an increase in display size, there won’t be any radical changes made. However there is one discrepancy which is the flash on the dummy phone. Apple has been touting the dual flash on the iPhone 5s so it would seem odd that they would drop it in the next-gen iPhone.

Of course the dummy phone could simply be used to approximate the size of the phone so that case manufacturers know what dimensions to build around, so once again, they might not necessarily reflect the actual or final design, but what do you guys think? Speaking based purely on its size alone, is a larger iPhone something you would love to see Apple make a reality?

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